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Changes - 02.22.2004

So I have finally started making changes to the site like I have been saying I would do for the last couple months. Nothing too major has happened yet though. I finally got all the secondary pages to have the same color scheme and I have added a bar under the posts that will link to any comments. (I'm sure you noticed that one.) This is to accomodate MovableType's system which automatically has a comment system. I still need to figure out how to tell the program what to look for on my page and not screw it up. I also need to import my posts so it can automatically archive them. One of the last things I need to do is get the Winamp playlist working on here again. Though I need to figure out what I will need to do to get it to post to Logomachia since the word is that the server is a bitch. I don't think it should be a problem but we will see. And speaking of Logomachia, there are a couple of posts there. There should be more soon as I'm trying to distribute time between all my sites fairly equally. In other news, the weather has been cooperating with my wishes and given lots of snow, with more to come. Which should make this weekend very good. Some of my friends will already be up there, which is good for them. I just feel bad because I'll be using up a lot of gas to go up everyday and they'll be staying at a cabin. Oh well, the price to pay for being... something or other. Anyway, that does it for now. Keep checking back for more!

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Overlooked - 02.18.2004

So it has been well over a month since I last made and update to this site. With school starting and everything else, I have been quite busy, and quite lazy in my spare time. This is just a quick post to notify my loyal readers of some news. First off, thanks for continuing to visit my site despite my lack of updates. I am now close to, if not past, the 1000 hit mark. Which is quite the accomplishment for my site. I promise in the future that updates will be more frequently. I am finally starting to settle into my school and work schedule and be comfortable. Logomachia is now actually up and has a first post to start off with. I haven't done any real work with it yet as far as getting everything transferred over, but that is to come. A big thank you to my roommate, Grant, for getting MovableType set up for me. Anyway, I am still alive and hopefully will keep everyone posted to what's going on again. As of right now, I'm sick so I'm not feeling terribly well. But I am getting better as I got sick on Saturday night. Coincidentally, Skippy got sick the same night and I actually think I may have played a part in that. And our noses are definitely giving the logging industry a boost. Watch out forests of the world, my nose has the Seven Seas wanting to come out. Anyway, expect a post soon about what you've missed over the last month. Briefly, tomorrow night the Danny Glass trio at Steamer's Cafe at 8pm. Everyone is invited to that and also Snowboarding on the 27th and 28th of February. Keep checking in!

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Busy, Busy, Busy - 01.14.2004

Well, it is only Wednesday and so far this week has just been exhausting. Luckily I haven't had to work at Toy's R' Us that much, and my shift on Friday got cancelled. I'll be missing the money, but not the job. It is a welcome reprieve from that place, though I have to work on finding a new job. At Document Control, it has been pretty hectic. Between filling orders, dealing with various problems, and helping others out I have not had much breathing time. On Monday I stayed till 6 and yesterday till 5:30. Those are fairly late days for me, and I haven't had any time to rest. Today I have been working like crazy because I had a big order to get out, and more just kept piling up. I still have more that I need to do, but I am covering the phones right now. It is a deserved and welcome break. Anyhow, things aren't going all that well right now, and I know that most people have noticed. Unfortunately, I deal with things much differently than most, so this is an apology if you feel that I have been an ass or jerk of late. I am feeling better about things though. I was finally able to resolve issues I had with Sheila, though we make sense of the most confusing things I think. I still have to be more active if I want things to change though. I am happy that I have been able to handle work and school. In fact, I am on track to transfer for Fall of this year. It will be tough doing well in all my classes, but I do have more drive than I used to. I start next week and I will post what classes I have then. Anyway I plan on doing half days of snowboarding tomorrow and Friday, so hopefully that works out. Tomorrow would be by myself, and on Friday there is a big group going for the full day. I wish I could join them, but I feel really bad about asking for time off at Document Control after the Tahoe trip. As much as I feel left out, they have come to rely on me. But it's getting close to closing, so time for me to close up.

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Behind the Times - 01.12.2004

Well just to demonstrate how far behind I am on news, I am finally posting about the Mars Rover "Spirit" successfully landing on Mars. Of course I've known about the event since it happened, but have been really behind in posting about it. Of course this is a big achievement for NASA and JPL, as the last few attempts did not fare as well. But, I feel, it is a bittersweet moment. For one, I feel the tragedy of the Columbia Shuttle still heavily weighs on the minds of people when thinking of NASA. At least, this is the first accomplishment of NASA since that incident. Secondly, the other two rovers that were sent to Mars by Europe and Japan unfortunately failed. I think that if all the rovers had been a success, the amount of information that would've been gathered just in the next month would've been extraordinary. The Spirit Rover has already taken so many pictures that are giving many scientists and researchers new things to think about. And it hasn't even left it's landing platform. There is a really nifty 360 degree panoramic picture(quicktime required), that I have been looking at. It is very neat to see that and know that it is another world entirely, not just someplace else on Earth. Following this was rumors that President Bush would be announcing new plans to revisit the moon and also plans for manned missions to Mars. Similar rumors abounded before the Centennial of Flight celebration. I'm rather lazy, so I don't have links to the stories, and also partly because I don't believe them. I don't feel that the Bush Administration really wants to support manned space programs as is evidenced in the 2003 and 2004 budget cuts for NASA. Anyway, hopefully this recent success sparks renewed interest and trust in NASA, but I think that will take more than one mission. In other news, I saw Master_D's band, Feng Shui, perform at Chain Reaction and they did fairly well. Though the acoustics and tech at that venue are horribly bad. Anyway, my friend decided to break his tooth off on my shoulder. He got the worst part of it, which I am sorry for. Freak accidents abound when I'm around (that rhymed, by the way). Well that does it now, more to come soon!

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Catching Up - 01.08.2004

Well I haven't really been able to update as things have been busier than I expected. Having the week off for Tahoe was nice, but it stinks to not have a real break because of work. Anyway, I'm just catching up on some things that I have missed in the last couple days that I feel are noteworthy. Most importantly is President Bush instating new powers for the FBI. The article has been covered almost everywhere else online, and I'm just pitching in my two cents. Basically, the FBI will now be able to research information on you without a warrant or probable cause if the information falls under a newly expanded definition of financial information. Obviously this is a bad thing and people need to make their representatives aware, so that hopefully the Supreme court will overturn the bill. One specific part that upset me in the new bill, is that if the FBI is searching you, it is illegal for the institution to let you know about it. So the FBI has access to your information and makes sure you don't know about it. Simply put, this bill is unconstitutional, and let's hope it gets vetoed. Secondly, and of far less interest except for geeks. Apple released their new iPod Mini. This was a terribly good idea which was executed well, but it costs far too much. The colors, the size, the smaller drive, and a sleek design make for a very sexy device that doesn't feel like overkill. But it's only slightly smaller than the regular iPod and costs $50 less than the base 15gb version. Essentially that means that you would get 11gb more space for only $50. Comparitively speaking, that is an amazing deal. I think that $200 would have been a more than fair price, and would effectively make the solid state players obsolete. Oh well, I didn't have the money anyway. And Sony just announced a new minidisc format that can hold up to 40 hours of music with long play features. So this would probably mean close to 20 hours at a decent rate. I really like the minidisc format and if the rumored price is correct, then I will end up owning one. Anyway, that is all here from work.

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Le Sigh - 01.07.2004

Well I really messed up this time. I had written earlier about the opportunity to produce a newsletter from the ground up for the company I work for. I didn't have much time and since getting back from my trip in Tahoe, I have been doing a lot of research so as to have enough content for the newsletter. Anyway, I was looking to finish up by the start of next week and have been getting images and the like to spruce up the look of the thing. However, my boss wanted a rough draft by tomorrow. So I've been working on it for most of the night, and it's just simply not working. Adobe Page Maker doesn't want to display the images properly, which is a big sticking point. Adobe Photoshop doesn't do the text properly, which is the main point. And I don't have Microsoft Office on here. I should probably see what I can do with the time I have left, however I was planning on going snowboarding tomorrow. So the dilemna becomes, give up on the newsletter and disappoint my boss, or don't go snowboarding tomorrow and try my best to finish what I can. I think I am going to skip snowboarding because I could only stay till 11AM anyway, and would have to drive myself. I really want to go snowboarding, but I promised I would do this project and I think it would be better to do that. Well, we'll see how much more I can get done tonight. Hopefully I can at least get a couple pages done to show what the majority of the newsletter will look like. Then if he decides to continue, I will finish up the rest of it. Anyway, off to work some more, hopefully not in vain.

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There and Back Again - 01.04.2004

Holy cow! Would you look at the date! "So this is the new year, and I don't feel any different" from Death Cab for Cutie. How very appropriate. Anyway, I am back from Lake Tahoe, and safe. It was a good trip overall though I didn't get in as much snowboarding as I would've liked. Fresh powder and tree runs were definitely worth it, and I can't wait for that kind of opportunity again. Being with old and new friends was fun and there were definitely some moments. One casualty of the trip was my digital camera. I'm not quite sure why it stopped working, but I have to call to take it in for service. So yeah, it was very nice to get away, but I just wish I could have more time off. I will continue to work two jobs and then school will start also, and the grindstone will have its way with me yet again. I will be spending my evenings until school in search of a new nighttime job in the hopes of replacing Toy's R Us. My availability is kind of weird so we'll see how well that goes. Besides, it's after the major season for retail places so that isn't good for me to start off with. Hopefully now that I'm back I will have time to work on this site and do everything I have said previously. It really shouldn't take too long once I get started, but as usual the trouble is starting. Other than that I guess I don't really have too much to talk about. Hopefully I'll have more exciting stuff to talk about once I get caught up on the news and other such stuff. Have a good night!

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